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          False eyelashes



        Everyday women around the world

         are paying top dollar for 

        hair marketed as 100 percent 

        human hair. The hair extensions 

        industry is a $1500 million 

        dollar unregulated business, Now,

         Just Extensions: The Documentary

         to uncover the truth about 

        the extensions market from a 

        global perspective, and more 

        importantly, provoke conversations

         and educate the hair care and

         extensions community. 


        We will review and make grades to 

        distinguish between extensions of 

        good or bad. Nothing can fool your


        Human hair wigs



        Full lace wigs are a great option for

         those who want all of their hair 

        protected and have minimal daily 


        The front lace wig allows the wearer

         to part their hair in the front few

         inches only as the majority of the

         wig is a traditional wig base. 


        Silk tops are perhaps the most

         undetectable cap type. A silk cap

         has 2 layers. The first layer which

         is the bottom layer is the lace.


        Thin skin is a cap type that closely

         mimics the texture and color of the

         scalp. It is an extremely durable cap

         type so damaging it is not too much

         of a concern.

        Human hairpiece toupees



        FREE knot bleaching and our

        Stock selections are available

        in both French and Super Fine

        Swiss Lace bases. In addition,

         Grade hairpiece the latest in

        a micro thin-skin base, giving

        you invisible hairlines for a

        completely natural appearance.

        Men's Hair Systems are hand-tied

        with 100% Remy Human Hair,

        providing you with a luxurious

        look, feel and overall

        durability. Your Custom Hairpiece

        System can be achieved after two

        simple steps: Make A Template

        easy-to-complete instructions

        and choose your personalized

        options of base type, color,

        density, length, wave and gray